“I have often struggled finding articles on psychology that are 1) factually accurate, 2) contain logically formed arguments and credible evidence to support presented claims, and 3) engaging in relatable. What drew me most to Lauren Bennett’s blog was her honest, detailed writing on narcissistic personality disorder, associated conditions, and the impact of narcissistic parenting on individuals well into adulthood. She discusses potentially polarizing topics thoroughly and candidly, and it’s clear that her material is curated with a purpose. I’ve found the blog to act as both a self-help tool and a forum where the curious and experienced can civilly converse and connect with others who face similar challenges. This kind of duality is just one of many attributes in Lauren’s writing that demonstrates her versatility as a writer, researcher, educator, and networker. “

–Kristine (Kris) Brown, Freelance Writer

Lauren is a great blogger who provides well thought out articles on narcissism and personal growth. She is a great personal blogger who shows a strong interest in developing community and real bonds. I have enjoyed reading her work and watching her blog expand each week.

Jason Cushman, blogger and writer, HarsH ReaLity



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