I have very few rules for people who want to comment on this blog. I believe in open discussions where people feel free to post differing opinions, even if they disagree with mine. This is a good thing because it can make for lively conversation and debate.

The rules are meant to make this blog a supportive and nurturing environment for disordered people who want to get better. Certain types of comments or troll posts are very triggering and will take this blog places I don’t want it to go. I have seen this type of thing happen too often, especially on forums.

Here are the rules:

1. Profanity is okay, but please use it sparingly. A well placed expletive can give a post greater impact, but please don’t overdo it.

2. I will not tolerate any abusive or trollish comments toward me, this blog, victims of abuse, people with NPD, BPD or any other mental disorder, or other commenters.
If you disagree with something, that’s not abusive or being a troll. Narcissism and treatments aren’t an exact science and there are going to be disagreements. That’s okay. But any namecalling or attacking or trolling will not be tolerated and those comments will either not be approved or will be deleted if they show up.

3. Both narcissists and non-narcissists are allowed to post here.
We all have things we can teach each other and understanding encourages empathy.
Please keep all comments civil and do not attack another commenter. It’s okay to express anger as long as it’s done in a civil, mature way. No namecalling or personal attacks, please!

4. Spam will be carefully reviewed, which is why I don’t let Akismet automatically delete it. All spam goes into my spam folder so I can review it. If you write a post with more than 2-3 links in it, it automatically goes into my spam folder. Every day I review my spam, and “unspam” anything that really isn’t spam. It’s happened a few times.

5. If you have a problem with another commenter or any other issues you don’t want to discuss in public, you are free to contact me–there’s a “Contact Me” page where you can reach me via email, Twitter or Linked In. Anything you tell me will remain confidential.

Other than that, I really have no other rules.

Peace and blessings,
Lauren Bennett


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