Resources (healing, information, mindfulness, support, stigma reduction)


Here is a list of resources for people with Cluster B disorders or those who are interested in reading viewpoints that don’t stigmatize these disorders.

Healing, treatment, and education (narcissism and psychopathy).  

Transforming Narcissism: Reflections on Empathy, Humor, and Expectations (Frank Lachmann updates Kohut’s proposals for clinicians treating NPD)

Schema Therapy/Reparenting for an NPD Patient (videos).

A Narcissist in Therapy (Kohut’s Self Psychology Model)

Healing Narcissism: Stephen’s Story

Narcissism and Chakra Healing

Attitudinal Healing: A Cure for Narcissism? (Tony Brown was a diagnosed NPD who healed himself)

Could “Reparenting” Actually Cure a Narcissist?

Can A Psychopath Ever Be Cured (documentary–the story of Beth Thomas, a girl with RAD, who was cured)

Dr. David Bernstein: Reparenting a Psychopath (video)

The Narcissistic Life is a good informational site that looks at narcissism from a more nuanced and less stigmatizing perspective.

Exploring Narcissism (podcast by Dick Goldberg).  Goldberg not only says narcissists can be cured, but also believes they are easier to cure than codependents!

Narcissists Can Be Taught to Empathize is an article from Research Digest.

Reconditioning the Narcissist — Sam Vaknin’s ideas about how narcissists can reparent themselves.

There are some great resources for people with narcissism or narcissistic “fleas” in The  Narcissistic Continuum.  Although it’s technically an ACON blog, the blog’s owner recognizes that narcissism is on a continuum, and I find it much less stigmatizing than most other blogs focusing on narcissistic abuse.


Borderline Personality Disorder:

There are many good blogs about BPD that don’t stigmatize it, in fact way too many to list here, but here are a few good resources that stand out to me in some way.

You can also Google “mindfulness” and should be able to find many more resources.

BPD Transformation‘s blog: The Borderline-Narcissistic Continuum: A Different Way of Understanding Diagnosis — more about diagnosis than healing, but still belongs on this list.  There are a lot of other great articles on Edward’s blog. Though it is a bit on the scholarly side, it’s a fascinating read.   Edward is a healed borderline who believes the BPD label is invalid and should be done away with.

BPDCentral — a good educational site about BPD as well as NPD

“Back From the Edge” — video about BPD which includes information about DBT therapy.

Turtle (a helpful DBT tool for borderlines)

“Hand Crack” for My Birthday (a little post I wrote about something I found helpful)


Blogs By Self-Aware Narcissists. 

I am not including blogs that glorify these disorders or insist they are a great thing to have.

Recovering from NPD is a new blog and the best I’ve seen of its kind (of which there are way too few).  It’s written for ACONs who think they have “fleas” but may actually have developed NPD.   Yara, like me, is the scapegoated child of a narcissistic family who later learned she had the covert form of NPD.  She is very self aware and working hard to heal from it.

Knowing the Narcissist is a blog by HG Tudor, a self aware sociopathic (malignant) narcissist.  Though Tudor doesn’t seem much interested in a cure for his NPD (although he is in treatment), his posts are beautifully written and give his readers a very deep understanding of the thought processes of a high spectrum self aware narcissist. Most of his followers are survivors of narcissistic abuse.

No! It Is Not Your Fault is a blog by another self aware diagnosed NPD who also wants to heal from his disorder and is in therapy.   He also writes posts for victims of narcissistic abuse from the narcissist’s perspective.

From Narcissism to Nirvana is a blog written by a man with NPD who healed himself.  I’m a bit skeptical of his methods or whether he’s actually healed, but there’s still some good stuff here and is an interesting read.  This blog is no longer active.

Cluster B is an excellent blog with intelligently written posts about psychopathy (and other cluster B disorders) by a pro-social Psychopath.  She isn’t interested in a cure for her psychopathy, but writes about the other disorders in a non-stigmatizing, well-researched way, without glorifying them.

Out of the Closet: As a Borderline and a Narcissist, by Aura Gael, Sleeping Tiger.



My Narcissistic Healing (recovering from covert narcissism — 18 videos on this channel

I am a Narcissist: I am Willing to Heal:  The woman in this video may or may not be an actual narcissist, but she believes she is, and the emotions that come with self awareness are fascinating to watch (and very accurate, having been through this process).

Dr. Craig Malkin. His Youtube channel has many videos about narcissism and NPD that Yara from Healing From NPD highly recommends and that led to her awareness.

Brene Brown is a motivational speaker whose videos have probably helped me more than anyone else’s.   She teaches that vulnerability (which is a scary thing for NPDers) is actually the birthplace of love, empathy and joy.  It’s the key to freedom.  I especially recommend these three (but you should watch them all):

The Power of Vulnerability

Listening to Shame

Why Your Critics Aren’t the Ones Who Count




There are several excellent forums where both people with NPD and those who want to understand them can post and learn about each other.   The forums were where my journey to self awareness began, and where I learned that narcissists were just people with a serious disorder, and not all evil.

Psychforums: Narcissistic Personality

Psych Central:  Personality Disorders (click on the personality disorder that interests you).

Healing From NPD Forum


Other Resources:

Yara has an exhaustive list of great resources on her blog, covering everything from developing empathy to mindfulness skills to just about everything else that can help people with NPD (and BPD) who want to recover or learn to be more mindful.  I don’t wish to copy her list, but here is the link to hers.   There are many resources here I’m not even aware of.  She has done her homework!

Healing From NPD: Resources


Facebook Groups:

These are the only ones I’m aware of.   There may be others.  These are closed groups so you will need to ask to be invited–serious requests only!

ASPD NPD BPD HPD CuReSearch — this group is for anyone who objects to the stigmatization of these disorders and are interested in possible cures.  

Cluster B Personality Disorders — a self help group for people suffering from Cluster B disorders.

Narcissist Personality Disorder — a group where both narcissists and non-narcissists can post and share information and personal experience.

All About Narcissistic Personality Disorder..The Rise of Victimhood Culture


4 thoughts on “Resources (healing, information, mindfulness, support, stigma reduction)

  1. Hey! I love this page. I looked through some of the links, but I’ll admit the one I got stuck on is ‘From Narcissism to Nirvana.” I was up late last night reading through some of his posts and as I’ve been suspecting, have come to the conclusion I’m more narcissistic than I would care to admit.

    I can’t dx myself with NPD but I have been dx’d with BPD a few years ago. I’m 51 and have suspected it for a couple decades but it wasn’t until a few years ago I became adamant about getting a diagnosis of some sort other than depression.

    I’ve known it was more than that and I felt like each therapist would just wave me away. I guess I didn’t present in such a way to dx BPD even though everything I told them pointed to such, as well as codependency.

    Anyway, one of the articles on that blog you linked to, helped me with a thought process I sort of put together pertaining to my own narcissist type experiences.

    I wrote a post just now and put published it. It’s a post basically admitting to the borderline dx plus my deep suspicion of being a narcissist. But also a theory and the way it feels for me in relation to the mask and the false-self, plus the person a narcissist tends to be when first meeting someone or in public.

    Could you read it? I’d love your input and any additional insight on your thought process of these things as well.

    I won’t link it. But it’s called, “Out of the Closet as a Borderline and Narcissist.”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I will not only read it, I’ll probably reblog it too. Maybe this was a very good thing dropping the N bomb and writing these kinds of posts, and I think this new blog is going to open a lot of eyes too. I never thought you might be a narcissist, but no one here ever thought I might be one too. I still can’t believe it sometimes. I’m really looking forward to reading.

      Liked by 1 person

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