Post-Trump Trauma Support Group


I’ve lost interest in posting here lately because I’ve become so pre-occupied with the dark turn taken here in America since Trump’s election. It’s extremely triggering for me and I’m more than a little obsessed. I know this isn’t healthy, but I feel like I need to do something.

Troll-tweeting Trump is fun, but is no longer enough to relieve my stress (even though it’s still fun).   I know I’m not the only one deeply traumatized and triggered by this administration.   Some want to escape; others, who were always kind of apathetic politically (like I used to be), now feel like they must take some kind of action.

I think survivors of narcissistic abuse are especially sensitive to the way we are all being gaslighted and manipulated by this administration.

I’ve been taking out my frustrations and anger on those I love, and I hate being like this. I feel like all the progress I’ve made in therapy has taken a backseat to the rage, fear and sadness I feel right now.

I needed a support group for Trump-trauma, but couldn’t find one.  So I made one.   It’s already pretty active and the people are really friendly.  If you are feeling down, depressed, traumatized, dissociated, angry, terrified, or even just merely concerned, then this group may be for you.

It’s a closed group, so you will need to request to join.   Looking forward to meeting new members, especially fellow bloggers!

For obvious reasons, Trump supporters are not welcome.

Post-Trump Trauma Support Group:


10 thoughts on “Post-Trump Trauma Support Group

  1. I really relate to this. It is heartbreaking what is happening. To imagine that the Trump base doesnt see or their agenda is so important to them they are willing to sacrifice our drmocracy is beyond comprehension. It seems the people we elected to our House of Representatives are putting their own agenda before the job they were elected to do while our tax dollars pay their salaries. You plan to have a forum for discussion is a healthy one. Good luck.

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    1. Oh, he definitely is. Even psychiatrists have a consensus that he has a severe case of Malignant Narcissism. Every day he proves it by his actions and constant lies and gaslighting.


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