“My Narcissistic Healing” (Youtube)

Sada (I’m not sure if that’s the correct spelling) is a beautiful 29 year old black woman who also happens to be a covert narcissist (I am not sure if she has a diagnosis or not). A couple of months ago, she started a Youtube channel that now has over 30 videos on it.    She seems to add new videos almost every day.

Sada  has an enormous amount of insight into her narcissism and is devoted to healing from her disorder, which was caused by her own mother’s abuse of her as a child.  (Her mother was a malignant covert narcissist).     She isn’t in traditional therapy, but has begun attending church and is in pastoral counseling.   Spiritual or religious counseling may work for many people, though for myself I find traditional psychotherapy more helpful (used in conjunction with my faith and awareness of God’s love).

I don’t believe Sada’s primary motive in these videos is to get supply or become Internet-famous, although let’s be honest, if she actually has NPD there’s at least a little of that too (and of course, even people who don’t have NPD want validation!)    I think her videos are sincere and articulate, and she seems intelligent, low keyed, down to earth, and is taking the actions she needs to to make some real changes.

I also love the way she is always walking outside in her videos, just enjoying nature as she records and speaks.      She really seems to be working hard at becoming a better person and changing a lot of her former behaviors.

In this video (her newest one), she talks about the way she internalized her narcissist mother’s toxic messages, which caused her toxic shame.  She learned to hate herself enough that she began to build her own false self to cope and feel better about herself.

Sada’s Youtube channel, My Narcissistic Healing, can be found here:


It’s also listed on my Resources page.


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