Need a therapist but think you can’t afford one?


This was my situation.  I didn’t think there was any way I would be able to afford a good therapist (I did NOT want one of those “therapists” you find in free clinics who are always suspecting you of substance abuse, make you take drug assessments, treat you like a number, and only offer short term therapy such as CBT or group therapy, not individual psychodynamic therapy meant to actually get to the root of your problems and cure you).

Most of you know I have a therapist I am very happy with.   He specializes in trauma and attachment disorders, which means he treats people with PDs as well as c-PTSD and PTSD.  I found him through Open Path Collective, a service that matches you to a therapist in your geographic area.  You will be charged half rates or much less. (I only pay mine $40 a session and I found him thru Open Path). The prices vary by therapists though, but are significantly less than paying full rates.   Some therapists will charge on a sliding scale, even if they’re not part of Open Path.

Here is their link:


One thought on “Need a therapist but think you can’t afford one?

  1. Hi I just wanted to say your blog post is really nice and really hits home. I wish I had a therapist like yours. I am a covert narcissist myself and lately I’ve been bouncing back and forth between victim mentality and hopelessness because I feel like no matter what I do I will always be a narcissist. Your post made me cry I wish I had a therapist like this and even tried the website you shared called open paths and couldn’t find one. I have a question and please don’t take this the wrong way, (because I know if I was writing a blog and as narcissistic as I am I would be furious and feel attacked probably because I would be doing this just because) but isn’t having a blog post where your only writing from a victim point of view and not really sharing the guilt and things you should be experiencing for things you’ve done (if you’ve done anything) narcissistic in itself? What are your thoughts on that? I can’t seem to get over the shifting between thinking there’s no hope I’m never going to have a normal mindset and everything I’m saying is fake and actually thinking I’m a victim of some sort.

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