Strange dream about my ex.

I had a strange dream about my ex.   In it, he had gotten his life together and actually had a job and making his own money.   He met a very young woman in her 20s and they fell in love and he started flaunting their relationship making sure I knew about it.  (I didn’t care much).

It turned out she was a singer, and he discovered he could sing too (he can’t).   They made a demo together and he wrote a big message on a wall: “we are entertainers now.”

Then he wrote a tell-all book about his life, painting me as the abuser.

I haven’t thought much about what this means yet.   It doesn’t seem that important but maybe it is.

Other than that, my depression has lifted a little.


8 thoughts on “Strange dream about my ex.

  1. By the way, your dream reminds me of something that happened to me in real life. My first husband was extremely abusive. Based on his pattern of abuse, he physically beat me between 50 – 100 times during our and a half years of marriage. (I married him at age 16, just two months out of the mental institution that my abusive parents had put me in at age 14, so I had zero self-esteem and nowhere to go.)

    He told me he fell in love with me at first sight, but shortly after we married he told me the truth, that he had needed a wife and to get her pregnant right away to keep from being drafted to Vietnam. (He was 18 and the year was 1970.)

    This creep cheated on me with anything that walked, men as well as women, and he even had an affair with my abusive mother. I finally found the courage to take our child and leave him, when he beat me unconscious in front of our sobbing two year old son.

    About five years ago, my granddaughter, the only child of my oldest son, sent me a link to a YouTube video featuring my evil first husband and his current wife. The video was of a Sunday school class they are teaching together in a church. The class is about how to have a happy Christian marriage.


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    1. Ugh, what a hypocrite! Some of these “Christian preachers” give me the willies. They are so fake, with their pasted on smiles and cold, hard eyes. I’ve gotten verygod at picking up these qualities in people I see on TV or in videos. Most of our politicians and CEOs of huge multinational corporations have “that loo” too.
      The part about your 2 year old son crying while your husband beat you unconscious broke my heart. I’m glad that marriage didn’t last that long.

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      1. Thanks. I believe people can change if they sincerely repent and turn their life over to the Lord. But I have never received any kind of an apology from that man. I miscarried my first pregnancy a few days after he pushed me out of a car while he was driving. And when I was about four months pregnant with our son, he told me that he didn’t want me to have his baby after all, and then he kicked me in my belly with his heavy steel toe work boot. I called the police and had him arrested for that beating, because he was trying to kill my child. I was covered in bruises, so the police believed me, thank God.

        I don’t talk or post much about my evil first husband, because I feel so stupid for staying as long as I did. But I had zero self-esteem and zero emotional strength. It was only my need to save my son that gave me the ability to leave.

        But no apology, no repentance, not ever? I can’t believe his Christianity is real.

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