I might have to take a break from here for a few days.

Of my two blogs, this is the one where I write about my emotional state the most.  While it’s great that I do this because it gives me a lot of insight into myself, and this helps me immensely (and I don’t plan to stop anytime soon),  I feel like I’m starting to obsess too much about my inner state and my emotions, and that can be very triggering and exhausting. It also sends me to dark places I’m not prepared to confront yet.    I’m naturally obsessive, introverted and analytical (INFJ), but I’m getting a little off balance emotionally.

It’s necessary to maintain some kind of  balance, and that means I need to spend some time focusing on things outside myself instead.    I need to get out more, do something fun, read a novel, read other blogs (my track record for reading and commenting on other blogs is abysmal and it embarrasses me), and just take a break from all the navel-gazing.  Then I can come back and feel refreshed and energized and ready to do some more of this emotional work.   Maintaining balance isn’t escaping or running away from painful feelings–it just helps keep you grounded and is part of being mindful.   Too many insights all at once can be overwhelming in itself.   Sometimes you need to step back from all that for awhile.

I might post anyway, if I have some kind of incredible insight, but the likelihood of that in the next few days is small.



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