Proof that borderlines are motivated for psychotherapy and can fully recover (reblog: BPDTransformation)


BPDTransformation used to be one of my commenters over at Lucky Otters Haven, but has not posted anything in his blog in over a year, or made any more comments on mine.   Edward (his real name) wrote fascinating, intelligent, and extremely well researched articles about BPD, which he was diagnosed with. At some point he came to believe BPD was a bogus diagnosis, a catchall for an array of symptoms that weren’t easily classified or understood. (Some people believe BPD and C-PTSD are the same disorder, which does make some sense to me).

Edward, who became BPD-free, writes here about how motivated many borderlines are to recover, and how effective psychotherapy can be in healing this disorder. This flies in the face of the common belief that because BPD is in the Cluster B group of personality disorders, that it’s just something you have to resign to yourself to having forever.

The article, like all of Edward’s articles, is a bit on the scholarly side, but is still a very good read and helps reduce the stigma against people with BPD.

#22 – Proof That Borderlines Are Motivated for Psychotherapy and Can Fully Recover

By BPDTransformation


This post will answer critics who say: “Borderlines are not motivated to attend therapy. Borderline patients don’t stay in treatment. At best, therapy can manage but not cure BPD.”

These statements are absolutely false. Yet these myths continue to appear online, often being communicated to people recently diagnosed. As the studies below demonstrate, most people diagnosed with BPD do want help, most will stay in good treatment, and most do recover to different degrees.

Earlier posts have elaborated my dim view of the (non) validity of the BPD diagnosis. Since it cites studies using the BPD construct, this post might be viewed as hypocritical. That may be a valid criticism! Nevertheless, these studies provide evidence that people with “borderline symptoms”, however defined, can be motivated and recover both with and without therapy.

Read the rest of Edward’s article here:


10 thoughts on “Proof that borderlines are motivated for psychotherapy and can fully recover (reblog: BPDTransformation)

    1. Edward’s blog is great. I’m disappointed he stopped adding to it, but it’s still a treasure trove of well researched information and very well written. Maybe he decided he’d said everything he needed to and has moved on with his real life now.

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    2. Emerging! Guess what! Edward is alive and saw my post (I also reblogged it on Lucky Otters Haven). He commented too! We were right — he said he had said everything he needed to, and saw no need to be repetitive. He is doing well. He is starting a new blog about schizophrenia and says he has some unconventional views about that too.
      I told him about this blog too, because I don’t think he knew and I think he’ll like it.

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