On being an open book.

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I was looking over the posts on this blog today and I seriously cannot believe I’ve allowed myself this level of vulnerability and openness on a public blog, one which complete strangers read. I suppose there’s some protection in anonymity (I do not use my real name on either of my blogs) but some of the things I’ve written about here are so deeply personal and painful they’re even hard for me to talk about with my therapist. I think this is progress.  My therapist thinks so too.

It gets easier all the time to be this candid, and I find that most people appreciate my willingness to be vulnerable on this blog, and evidently it’s helping them too. That makes it all worth it. There’s no shame in being open and honest about your emotions. Although I was terrified at first to “run naked in public,” and set many posts to private and sometimes deleted them altogether, eventually I gained more courage and now it’s actually easy for me to do this and I’ve not once regretted it.

Also, being this open and vulnerable here has been therapeutic for me, and everyone here has been a part of that and I appreciate all of you.

I’m slightly more careful what I talk about on Lucky Otter’s Haven, since it covers a number of topics unrelated to psychology, trauma, abuse, or personality disorders and has a much wider audience.


12 thoughts on “On being an open book.

  1. I have always posted personal content on my blog and it is scary to express my vulnerability for others to read.Letting others know of my issues is stressful to me but over time, I have conquered that feeling. However, I did not let others that I know in real life of my blog site. The blog is a personal diary for me where I write online to my internet friends. It is much less stressful this way.

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    1. The anonymity helps a lot. I haven’t even told my therapist the URL of my second blog yet (I do sometimes send him articles from this blog if they are germane to my therapy). I don’t feel comfortable with anyone I know IRL or who knows my real name reading my personal stuff here. It is like a diary. I know a few family members have found it though. But I try to remain anonymous.

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      1. That is exactly how I feel. The things I posted here is just personal to share with those I know in real life. In fact, just last week my mother found out about my blog and she has been reading it. She has been supportive so far and she did not mentioned anything negative. But I am sure that she will someday. :/

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        1. I just don’t think about it. She hasn’t said anything to me about it, so it’s easy to ignore. She might not even be reading anymore. If she is, she has said nothing about it.


  2. Right now I am obsessed with just reading and commenting on others blogs (yours and HG’s especially). Already though just reading and releasing has changed me, made me more open and aware. I am so grateful I found your site and truly appreciate your openness about yourself, so many disorders, and helping people understand them rather than just label them.


    Alex (not my real name either)

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    1. I appreciate that, Alex, and I’m glad my posts are helping you. I also find HG’s blog extremely helpful (and a lot of fun to read!) I haven’t read his books yet though (shame on me!)


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