Frank E. Yeomans, MD, PhD: “The TFP approach to the narcissistic patient”

Occasionally I think it’s a good idea to post educational articles and videos.   I know a few readers of this blog will be interested in this video, a lecture by Dr. Frank Yeomans about NPD and a treatment known as TFP (transference focused psychotherapy).

Transference-Focused Psychotherapy (TFP) is an evidence-based psychodynamic therapy designed for patients with personality disorders.

TFP is based on Object Relations theory (German psychiatrist Otto Kernberg developed TFP for borderline and narcissistic patients)

Yeomans explains that as a narcissist begin to improve, they begin to act more like a Borderline–much more impulsive, disorganized, and unable to regulate their emotions:  NPD is really BPD with an additional layer on top–the grandiose, false self.   Borderlines don’t have a grandiose false self; instead they are chameleons who adapt their personalities to the person they are with or situation they are in.  For this reason narcissists in therapy seem to get worse at first.

Here is TFP in action–the “patient” (who I think has BPD) is really an actor.


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