I’m ready to get my feet wet again.

A timid foot tests the water

Due to a post from this blog being viciously attacked on another blog, I decided to remove it from the public domain and make this blog available by invitation only. I haven’t posted anything here for a month. But I’m ready to get my feet wet again, so I just returned this blog to public status and will begin posting again, though I’m not sure it will be today. I admit I allowed these trolls to intimidate and shame me and make me want to go into hiding. But they can’t keep me down forever.


7 thoughts on “I’m ready to get my feet wet again.

  1. hey there Miss Otter …. I am glad to see you back , point me in the direction of the yahoo who went after you and I’ll go get medieval on them and rip them a new one for you , you are a very nice person who writes extremely well about some pretty intense subjects, never ever stop, don’t let some jackwagon dictate what you can and can not say or do on your blog, or even make you stop writing, you are a very strong woman and you got this , internet trolls and haters are rampant, they are like the narcissists, they feed off your emotions, reactions and thrive on trying to destroy you , if you give in and stop writing or walk away from your blog , they win …. even if you have to make your blog private by invite only, never stop doing what you do, never ever stop being you .

    there are many of us readers who do honestly care about you and we can all rally and take out a hater or troll if it comes down to it , no worries, we got your back 🙂

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    1. Hey Butch, I’m glad you’ve still been reading. 🙂 It’s the same group that targeted me over a year ago. I agree with you they act like exactly what they condemn, are very black and white thinkers, judgmental, and feed off others. They think I am “evil” lol. Whatever, I’m just here doing my thing, and they’ve gone back under their bridge for now.

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      1. maybe i should write a scathing blog post about them over on my blogspot , and use their screen names as hashtags,categories and tags , they want attention and want to troll and attack…. ya I can be downright vile and evil when needed lol my blogspot is linked to my twitter , over 1500 follow my twitter feed and read that blog, really wouldn’t take much to incite a small riot and overwhelm them with comments from complete strangers lol

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