Two bits.

1. I just woke from a dream in which my mother called and said:

You never wanted to listen to us.  We tried to guide you but you always were the rebel, ignoring our advice.    Your life would have been so much easier and happier if you had stuck with the tried and true…the tried and true…

This is exactly the sort of thing she used to say all the time in real life.   But there was no pleasing her, ever.

2.  My therapist sent me an email with a revised schedule.  There’s something going on with his family up north where he has to leave town for a couple of weeks in April and May.   He also had to change other dates to different days.   I know it’s probably got something to do with a recent death in his family (mother? father? someone else?  I never asked) but I can’t help feeling like I’m being jerked around.  What if he has to move back up there and can’t see me anymore?  It worries me.  I will fall to pieces if that happens when I’m feeling this attached and vulnerable.


5 thoughts on “Two bits.

  1. I had a major crisis2 summers ago and my T was far away, he tried to stay in touch but in the end I had to get someone else for awhile…which may have done more harm than good + more money..
    I have to admit its better to be attached to a therapist than drugs or bad acting out behavior…so I understand.


  2. My pdoc decided to change her specialty and went back to school and I wasn’t happy about it. Do I like my current doctor as much as I liked her? Absolutely not, however he’s not a bad guy and I’ve stayed with him now for nearly ten years.
    Hopefully you won’t have to get a new therapist. You don’t know exactly what’s going on in his life after all. If you do need a change, it can be smooth without a lot of trauma. I wish you well.

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