Feeling as one.

Credit: fourthdimensionalrecovery.wordpress.com


Feeling as one

I know nothing of the boundary between you and me

and in the crucible of my attachment

Trust is born

in my naked vulnerability

I find unfamiliar feelings

like tendrils of alien scents both heavenly and noxious

merging and undulating

swirling up from the bottomless void

Feelings that have no names

Their names will come later

when they settle and resolve

I cradle myself and close my eyes

I bask in your care

I’m not a loser

I’m not a fuckup

I’m not a forever victim

They were all so wrong

In a womb full of tears I nourish my sleeping self

and the stone wall surrounding begins to crumble

I’m such a heavy burden and I’m tired, so tired

The labor pains will come

but I don’t have to worry about that now

Only this moment exists

of feeling as one

before the severing and unfolding begins.




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