Password-protected posts.


I set my articles “Transference” and “My Empathetic Therapist”* to password-protected for now, until I work up the courage to open up another scary boundary to my therapist: letting him know about this (and my other) blog. I’m not ready to have him see either of them yet, especially not this one, in case he’s looking (you never know).   If he does see them, these are articles that make me feel too exposed–even to him.   When and if I ever get to the point of not needing those kinds of boundaries anymore, I’ll set them back to public. If you want to read these articles, please email me that you want to with a reason why, and I’ll provide you with the password.   I apologize for any inconvenience and yeah, I hate passwords too.  But you know.

How strange that I don’t mind total strangers reading my blogs, but can’t share my writings yet with my own therapist. But with a stranger, you have the safety of anonymity. With my therapist, I’m as close to emotionally naked as it’s possible for me to be to anyone but myself.


  • My article about DMT and possible uses in therapy is password protected for a different reason, due to its controversial nature.

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