AA “slogans” and mindfulness.

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Alcoholism is probably incurable. But millions of alcoholics and other people with addictive disorders have been helped by 12-step programs like AA. They say the slogans help them stay mindful and avoid relapsing or falling into what’s called by AA people “a dry drunk” (which is basically the same thing as narcissism). It wouldn’t surprise me if most people with addictive disorders are also narcissists or at least high in narcissistic traits. Just staying sober isn’t enough–working the steps can change the types of behaviors that cause a person to want to drink or use (drugs or other people) and make life more bearable for everyone.

12-step programs teach you humility, serenity, living in the moment, not dwelling on things you have no control over, and taking responsibility. These behaviors may not come naturally to alcoholics (which is why they need to drink or use–to fill the “void” inside) or to narcissists (whose drug of choice is “supply,” another way of temporarily filling the internal void).

I found this list of AA slogans (also used in other 12-step programs) that could be of use to people with Narcissistic and Borderline Personality Disorders because they teach the kind of mindfulness we need so badly in our lives. My comments are in [brackets].


Easy does it
First things first
Live and let live
One day at time
Let go and let God
KISS—keep it simple, stupid
Act as if…. [well, maybe not this one–isn’t this what narcissists always do?]
This too shall pass
Expect miracles [we can get better!]
If it works…don’t fix it
Keep coming back…it works if you work it [don’t give up!]
Stick with the winners [non-narcissists who you wish to be more like]
Sobriety is a journey…not a destination [even if you’re never “cured,” you can still improve!]
Faith without works is dead [this is very important!]
Poor me…poor me…pour me another drink [narcissists are known to be self pitying energy drains]
To thine own self be true [to the TRUE self]
Live in the NOW
If God seems far away, who moved?
Turn it over
AA=altered attitudes
Nothing is so bad, a drink won’t make it worse [nothing is so bad, that abusing someone won’t make it worse]
We are only as sick as our secrets
There are no coincidences
Be part of the solution, not the problem
Sponsors: have one…use one…be one [help others as much as you can]
I can’t handle it God; you take over [teaches humility, that there is something greater than us]
Keep an open mind
It works — it really does ! (page 88, line 8 in the Big Book)
Willingness is the key [possibly the most important slogan of all!]
More will be revealed [yes, it will]
You will intuitively know [yes, you will]
You will be amazed [yes, you will be]
No pain…no gain [healing is painful but worth it]
Go for it!
Keep the plug in the jug [shut up and listen]
Do it sober [be mindful]
Let it begin with me [you can pay forward good deeds]
Just for today [the same concept as One Day at a Time]
You either is…or you ain’t
Before you say: I can’t …say I’ll try
Don’t quit 5 minutes before the miracle happens
Some of us are sicker than others
We’re all here because we’re not all there
Alcoholism [narcissism] is an equal opportunity destroyer
Practice an attitude of gratitude
The road to sobriety is a simple journey for confused people with a complicated disease

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