6 Sure Signs of Narcissism (quiz from Psychology Today)

This 6 question quiz measures traits that underlie both covert and overt narcissism, so if you’re a covert narcissist, you should still be able to “pass” this quiz. It amazes me that narcissism can be assessed from just 6 questions.


I scored 35. 😳 At least I’m not in the “severely narcissistic” category.


3 thoughts on “6 Sure Signs of Narcissism (quiz from Psychology Today)

  1. I got narcissist lite. Some feel hard to score. I know I do them and am aware that it’s an area to be mindful of which is progress from when I was oblivious and I can actually self soothe on it when it happens as a way to start healing from it. I wonder how many people are narcissist lite, if that’s more common than one might think?

    Thinking about all this sure doesn’t feel good, does it?

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    1. I think it’s pretty common. (It is sobering!) There’s a condition called DNP (destructive narcissistic pattern) which is close to NPD but not quite there. I would guess “narcissism lite” would be that. Of course all people (well, most) are narcissists to some extent. No narcissistic traits at all wouldn’t be conducive to survival.
      I just remembered an article I wrote about DNP for my other blog several months back, so I just reblogged it here. Thanks for reminding me! 🙂


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