Me and jokes.


I have seen most Ns can laugh and aren’t always serious, but it’s really hard on us when the joke is at our expense. As a covert I try to hide my anger/hurt and joke back, but it never goes over very well and people can usually tell I’m offended/hurt anyway, and it makes me feel too exposed and vulnerable. That’s why I stay away from people.

I also don’t care for those old fashioned jokes you have to “get.” It’s not that I can’t understand the joke, but that I always feel pressure to “get it” and spend the whole time they’re telling me the joke worrying that I might not get it and they’ll think I’m stupid. 😳 😕

It’s a self fulfilling prophecy too, because I spend so much time stressing over maybe not getting the joke that I wind up *not* getting it! And then feeling stupid when I have to fake-laugh.

Most people always want to tell you those kind of jokes and I stress too much about it.
I much prefer random, goofy, wtf humor you don’t have to “get.” Like Roz Chast cartoons. 8)


One thought on “Me and jokes.

  1. Dear Lucky, the last time someone made a “joke” at my expense, then was told i “don’t have a sense of humor,” i told the comedian that humor is seriously overrated, and that laughter is a form of insanity. That shut up the comedian’s pie-hole. Haven’t heard a “jjooke” since. Lucky, because this blog doesn’t blip on my tablet, to answer your question about the young teen at church, what happened was, he was being a teenager – not paying attention during the sermon. Of course he wasn’t paying attention – he’s a teenager, that’s what teenagers do! His step-granddad overreacted – yeah, typical narc. i wanted to just get up and leave, or atleast go out to the car and have a cigarette (and calm down).

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