Two dead babies in a silver frame.


Today I was doing some work at someone’s home and saw a heartbreaking photo in a frame. It was an old photo, probably at least 20 years old. The couple, now in their late 40s, had lost two twin boys who were stillborn, and the photo showed both parents tenderly holding their dead twin sons and sharing their grief in that hospital bed. At first I thought, WTF!? Why would someone not only take a picture of such a private and tragic thing, but then display it in a silver toned frame decorated with baby shoes and rattles?

I stood for a moment staring at the picture trying to understand. I knew there was something important my TS was trying to tell me. I told my FS to get lost because it was creating too much “noise” and I couldn’t hear what my TS was saying. I’ve noticed I’ve become very aware of my FS now. Often I can feel my TS trying to get through, but it’s much like a radio signal that isn’t coming in properly. You can just make out the song that’s playing, but the static from interfering stations makes it very difficult, if not impossible, to make out the words, so eventually you change the station.

I chose not to change the station. I kept staring at the photo and felt sadness well up inside me and acknowledged that’s what I was feeling. Suddenly I understood why such a photo would be on display. It was a physical document of a rare moment of closure, of pure empathy and unconditional love. Those dead babies during that moment of what must have been overwhelming grief created a bond of intense love between the parents that was quite lovely to behold. Being able to say goodbye to their sons this way was important to bring closure, and that’s probably why they kept the photo on display, as a reminder of that special moment of intimacy and closure.

I wiped my eyes and satisfied this was the answer I’d been searching for, left the room.
I consider that a win.


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