I got my roadmap today!


Today I decided to take the long drive to Black Mountain, North Carolina (about 40 miles from where I live) to visit The United Research Light Center. The first time I went to this spiritual healing center in the beautiful Black Mountains (part of the Blue Ridge), I had just started my blog about narcissistic abuse and was nowhere near self-aware yet. I had some incredible insights both that first time and the second time I went, but nothing like what happened today.

I was very new in my healing journey the first time I attended The Light Center in September 2014, and my first blog (after getting all the narcs out of my life who were holding me back) was just one week old. Following that first visit, I became much more dedicated to self-healing through writing and began to play with the idea that God really did exist and–surprise!–might even love me (I had been agnostic up to this point).

The second time I attended was on July 22 of this year. Very shortly afterwards I fell into the panicky anxiety, dissociation, and depression that preceded my trip down the rabbit hole and sudden awakening to self-awareness of myself as a covert narcissist. Prior to this, I felt like I was stagnating and had been running out of new ideas and even beginning to lose interest in blogging. I mistook the unpleasant prodromal phase of dawning self awareness as a return to my prior state of chronic self-loathing and depression. I had no idea what was about to occur and these painful emotions were my “dark night of the soul.”

I understand now I could go no further in this journey of healing without that self-awareness, because the first part of my journey was complete. That’s why I had felt like I was stagnating and not able to move forward.

Since I fell down the rabbit hole to self awareness, it’s like the new ideas and amazing insights I’m having into myself and my place in this world can’t come fast enough–I even had to start this new blog to document this second part of my journey and help me understand and process my new insights.

All services at the Light Center are free of charge, and it’s open 24/7. My favorite are the chakra balancing/alignment sessions given in The Light Room, which is a small soundproofed room filled with comfortable chairs, blankets and pillows. Chakra balancing sessions last about 40 minutes and are accompanied by the beautiful synthesized music of composer Richard Shulman, who created this music for the Center. The music is in seven parts, each focusing on the seven chakras, starting with the root chakra (base of the spine; groundedness) and ending with the Crown chakra (top of the head; connection to the Divine). The chakras are real and correspond to the the physical endocrine system, located along the spinal cord. They are composed of energy, and both physical and mental problems arise when the chakras are blocked, out of balance, or not connected with each other.

For narcissists, the chakra that is weakest is the solar plexus (third) chakra (I would have thought it was the heart, but the lower chakras must be functional in order for the higher chakras to do their work properly). And in keeping with that, in today’s session, I reacted the most strongly and had the most profound insights during the part of the program that focused on the third chakra.

Manipura (solar plexus) chakra

When the 40 minute program was finished, I realized I had been given my “instruction manual” for healing from cNPD/BPD. I know this sounds horribly grandiose of me, but I almost felt like Moses descending Mt. Sinai with the Ten Commandments! Today I descended a beautiful green mountain with a set of “commandments” I needed to obey in order to heal myself of my disorders.

I would like to take a little time describing what happened in that room and what my thoughts and feelings were as each of my chakras were touched by the light and music (each color and piece of music corresponding to a different chakra) because it’s the only way I can describe how I came to realize this was my “roadmap” of healing.

Prior to entering the Light Room I said a prayer for healing and protection in the little chapel upstairs.

The Lower Chakras.

1. Root Chakra (groundedness; physical needs): color: red.
As I settled in my chair and relaxed, I breathed in the red light and music, focusing my thoughts on the base of my spine and praying for the ability to stay grounded in reality, no matter how lofty my insights might become later on. Groundedness is absolutely necessary to stay in the here and now, and to be able to process higher states of consciousness and awareness without the risk of experiencing too much mental or emotional overwhelm and turmoil or suffering a psychotic break.

2. Sacral Chakra (emotion; sexuality): color: orange.
Focusing on the groin and pelvic area, I prayed and meditated on the the ability to experience all my emotions in appropriate ways, and for destruction of the mental wall of my false self that keeps me from being able to access them or release them when I want or need to. I also thanked God for the recent loosening of my emotional numbness that’s been achieved by my forcing myself to always be honest about my feelings whenever I write. But I still have a long, long way to go.

3. Solar Plexus Chakra (power; competence): color: yellow.
This is when the emotional dam broke. Even before I knew I was cNPD, I always knew I had serious problems with this particular chakra, always feeling so powerless, unworthy, and incompetent. (For grandiose narcissists, this chakra is also blocked or not functioning properly, but the narcissist will overcompensate for this by acting grandiose and entitled).

Probably for this reason, the music corresponding to this chakra (in the key of E) resonated strongly with me. I felt a tightness in the pit of my stomach, just below my navel (the solar plexus) which is where I sense my True Self resides. Suddenly I felt an upwelling of sadness and grief over this lost child, and tears streamed silently down my cheeks. I didn’t wipe them away but let them fall like a healing rain, telling this child she was enough, she was always enough, she was more than enough. I told her she had been lied to and what happened to her was not her fault but that she hadn’t been mirrored appropriately or loved enough to to grow into who she was meant to be. I imagined myself holding her like a loving mother would and I promised her that one day soon we would be one, and that she had so much goodness to give back to the world and she didn’t need to hide behind a False Self all the time.
I was a mess by now but I didn’t care. I felt so present in the moment and felt God’s love surrounding me and doing his healing work in me.

4. Heart Chakra (unconditional love; empathy; connectedness): color: green
I focused my breathing on the center of my chest and with each intake of air, asked God to give me the ability to feel the same way toward others I had felt toward my inner child True Self a few minutes earlier. With each breath out, I imagined my hidden rage, bitterness and envy being released, never to return. I felt a kind of pain, but the pain was weird because it was also pleasurable, similar to the way picking at a loose tooth can “hurt so good.”

The Higher Chakras.

5. Throat Chakra (communication; finding your “voice”): color: blue
I think in the past year, I’ve developed this chakra significantly through writing and now it works fairly well, but I know now what I want to communicate is far more than what I thought I wanted to communicate when I first started to blog. I focused on being able to use any new insights to help others, as well as myself, through communicating through my “voice,” even if that voice was only in written form. I also prayed for the ability to lose my shyness and fear of using my actual physical voice to communicate my thoughts, insight, needs, and feelings with others.
I became very emotional during this segment too.

6. Third Eye Chakra (insight, intuition, “knowing” through senses outside the 5 physical ones): color: indigo
Focusing on the spot in the center of my forehead (the “third eye”) I prayed for insights or at least the ability to further process the insights I’ve already had until God is ready to show me more about myself and my relationships with others and the world. I thanked God for showing me what he already has shown me and communicated how blessed I felt this has happened. I realized how much I’m learning to trust his judgment over my own need to “always be in control.”

7. Crown Chakra (connectedness with the divine; higher consciousness): color: violet.
I prayed for spiritual awareness and again gave thanks for the spiritual growth I’m undergoing and my recent awakening to self-awareness.

After the lights went out and the program was over, I got up from my seat and stretched as if waking up. I felt energized, emotional and somewhat euphoric all at once. I went into the reception area and purchased a CD of Richard Shulman’s chakra music (which was the same music that played during the balancing session).

Richard Shulman’s CD of chakra balancing music is available fr $15 from The UR Light Center

Driving home back down the mountain, I played the CD of the music I had just heard in the Light Room and everything I’d experienced began to make sense. Each lesson I had been given for each of the chakras naturally led to the next, like a step by step instruction manual for ridding myself of narcissism.

I looked at the late summer foliage of the cathedral-like tunnel of tall trees gracing the road. Some of the trees looked tired, dull and past their prime–and almost ready to sleep for another winter. I felt a kind of empathy for the trees and plants, and for all nature, and suddenly I knew the capacity for real empathy was in me, and had always been in me. I always had access to it, but you must choose it.

Empathy is unconditional love.
I knew that the only thing keeping me trapped in the prison of my narcissism was fear, and to let go of fear was to embrace love.

Other people who have healed from narcissism have reached this same conclusion. (also see my article about Tony Brown).

But letting go of fear isn’t going to be easy. Oh, no. In fact, I think it’s going to be the hardest and scariest part of my journey to wellness, but I’m ready. I have my roadmap now.

My Roadmap.

Credit: Vaporized – Diary of Scott Morris

So here it is. These are the steps I must follow to rid myself of cNPD and BPD.

1. Ground yourself in the present and in physical reality.(This is VERY important!)
2. Embrace emotional vulnerability and openness.
3. Reassure your True Self that he/she is enough and always has been enough. Your TS has always had the power to be happy and emotionally healthy as an adult and can still achieve that. Give your TS the love and mirroring they should have received.
4. Breathe in unconditional love and internalize that; breathe out anger, hurt and pain.
5. Speak your truth (or write your truth). Always be honest. Lying (or omitting the truth) will get you nowhere fast.
6. Take time to be still and receptive to messages/insights God (the Universe/Higher Power, etc) have for you. Be open to new spiritual discoveries, even if they’re painful at first or seem to make no sense. Given enough time, their meaning to you will unfold.
7. Always reach for a closer connection with the divine, whatever that may mean to you.

I felt so blessed I bought myself a little plant on the way home.

I know I have a lot of work cut out for me, but I still feel incredibly blessed and very excited for the future.

Right now I’m just going to take it easy and spend some time processing what I learned today. I have to be careful not to move too fast, tempting though it is.


2 thoughts on “I got my roadmap today!

  1. Regarding your encounter with your True Self, I had an experience which I would like to share with you. It ties in with yours very closely. I have wanted to share this for a while but didn’t have the right moment until now.

    I was in a hippy commune and had dropped acid. I was with a guy who I liked but didn’t feel completely connected with. As I felt the acid, I became restless. I was walking away from him. He followed me. I turned and said, “It’s just the part of me that can’t love myself that can’t love you.” Then I looked at him. He was UGLY, hideous! The next moment I saw, not ugliness, but pain. The pain was from my inability to love this part of myself he represented. Then I felt really nurturing and I knew I COULD love.

    We walked up this steep hill to the tipi.”Is this what life is? Constant work? No rest.” He said, “I couldn’t be with you always.either.” We entered the tipi and just came together. Now the energy I experienced wasn’t hard like climbing the hill. It flowed effortlessly through me. The two of us were generating the energy of the world. “So this is what the gurus know and we think they are withholding it from us. But it’s us who can’t accept the knowledge. Total responsibility.” I didn’t see God. I was God. And so was Mike. Then there was no us. Just light.

    As a top that was spinning and you can’t see the pictures on it slows down and the pictures emerge, the two of us came into focus but they were an ennobled form of ourselves, We looked like a Greek God and Goddess.

    That was my experience. I never forgot it. I thought you would like to read about it.

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    1. Wow, that’s something else. 😮 Not to give a lecture or anything but I’m wary about psychedelic drugs, because I think they can open the mind up to realities you may not be ready to handle or process, and that’s why people have bad trips or even permanent psychoses from misuse of such drugs, so I think they are dangerous. That being said, your trip sounds like an interesting experience and you obvously saw some realities that are not part of this physical world–and were in good enough mental shape to handle it.
      Here is the story of the only acid trip I ever took:


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