Emotional vs. “cold” narcissists.


Narcissists can be divided many different ways–covert vs. overt; somatic vs. cerebral; malignant vs. “benign,” etc. They can be divided another way too. Narcissists are either extremely emotional…or cold as machines. Underneath their mask, they’re all hypersensitive though, even if they hide behind a stone cold exterior. Malignant narcs are the HSPs who went bad. Somatic narcissists are probably more likely to be hyper-emotional, similar to people with HPD; and cerebrals more often the “cold, calculating” type, though not always.


I’d venture to guess emotional, dramatic narcs have HPD or BPD traits (borderlines can’t regulate their emotions) while the colder types have ASPD or Schizoid traits. Avoidant PD traits could go either way.

I wonder if any studies have been done to determine which MBTI types narcissists are most likely to be. I’d guess the emotional ones are probably INFJ and the second type INTJ. I don’t think most narcissists are that extroverted, even if their mask includes extroversion and sociability. Narcs really don’t like people and are too self-involved to be anything other than introverted, in spite of any outgoing front.

This means there isn’t a whole lot of difference between an emotional narcissist and an unemotional one, except for the thinking vs. feeling aspect. But even when they don’t show it, all narcissists are emotional and easily hurt when it comes to themselves. None of them feel much for others.


2 thoughts on “Emotional vs. “cold” narcissists.

  1. “I’d guess the emotional ones are probably INFJ and the second type INTJ”

    The INTJ type is probably the least “emotional” MBTI type. The INTJ uses Logic and Rationality to make sense of themselves and the world around them. I would guess the INTJ type would be one of the least likely to be a true “narcissist”.

    The key is, not only do INTJ’s not care what others think of them, they don’t want anything from those people. One of the key traits of Cluster B personality disorders is wanting something from someone. Psychopaths want things, and are less concerned with how they get them. Narcissists want praise, and to have their self worth generated externally, BPD have issues with how they value themselves, their emotions and their world, and Histrionic are the attention seekers. INTJ’s don’t want praise, dislike attention, and don’t do things to be appreciated. They prefer harmony, but will settle for indifference. However, if provoked or unhealthy I could see some of the psychopathic tendencies well within reach of the INTJ. Cluster A personality disorders (Avoidant, Schizoid), and Aspergers seem more likely to be in the INTJ realm.

    INFJ types do seem to be more likely to have cluster B personalities.

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    1. In a psychology forum I participated on where a lot of people with covert narcissism participated (these were self aware narcs), most of them said they were INTJs. They may not really have been narcissists though, since hardly any of them had an NPD diagnosis. Most of the forums I’ve ever participated on were chock full of self identified INTJs, so maybe it’s just the most common personality type for people who post on Internet forums.


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