Digging deep and reaching out.

Credit: kjherstin, Deviantart

I saw a wonderful post today on Psychforums in the NPD section which I would like to share.
Narcissism is a terrible condition for anyone to have, but with self awareness comes responsibility, and if we have a shred of morality left (and I think most of us do), we have a responsibility to at least use our need for supply in prosocial ways that help others. It could be something as small as volunteering at an animal shelter or as big as writing a book.

There’s already so much evil in the world and malignant narcissists with only ill will in their hearts who will take no responsibility for anything other than wanting to destroy others and care nothing for no one but themselves. If we’re self aware and haven’t crossed that line of no return that blackens our hearts (in other words, not too high on the spectrum), then we have not lost our humanity and can actually use our narcissism for good purposes, even if the means to the end is essentially self-serving (getting supply).

If it’s possible, we need to dig down deep and find love there (and it’s there) as well as reach out and grab love, and let it nurture and heal us.

Here is the post.

NPD is not a personality defined by an individual who comes to realize how amazing they are. It is a highly consistent personality adaptation to a cold confusing environment. This adaptation can guide people to do amazingly beautiful things for others, but also guide them into delusion and oblivion. It is a dangerous mental condition, and one that must be mindfully managed.

Much of the dangers from narcissism are often from a disconnect of proper values in life. Being absent of true purpose for others. The loss of mission to the tribe, and to the colonies.

Luckily our world is in a state of chaos and entropy, there are enough causes to fight for. There is purpose all around us waiting for us to grab it. Find one, and fight for it with all you can. Our world is rampant with evils; Pollution, violence, disease, poverty, warfare, corruption. You can easily find one to combat

Happiness comes from purpose, direction. If your heart works on grandiose terms, then at least direct that grandiosity towards being the true hero. And not simply the deluded villain. Our world desperately needs those who will oppose the destructive forces at hand

Happiness comes from unity, cooperation, reciprocation, brotherhood and sisterhood. Those who harbor serious disagreement to that have already been twisted past the points of their humanities. And i feel sadness to them, to miss out on some of the most fulfilling emotions possible

When i first came here, i was able to learn about the true nature of my personality. Questions that plagued me for years have been given insight, as well as support by many people here. I had been in denial of my personality for years, and had i never come across this forum, maybe i would still be in denial.

Thank you to those here. To those asking questions, I remind you to remember we are all human. Some humans are simply more broken than others.

To those narcissists who roam here still….Choose the path of love. No matter how difficult the path, and i promise your life will be far more fulfilling if you follow it.

And most of all. To those asking if they are a narcissist or psychopath or whatever. Don’t be so excited. IF you truly are, the implications are rather severe. When the narcissistic high that comes for a grandiose label wears off, all you are left with is the bleak emptiness. The knowledge that comes with a personality that imminents some of the most wretched ugliness of humanity. The disconnection from others. As well as the inclination towards destruction
…Truly, the knowledge can be as cold as the reasons why someone would develop such a personality in the first place.

NPD and psychopathic/antisocial personalities gravitate towards emptiness and self destruction. it is the individual who prizes love and community, who feels the happiest….Regardless of the label placed upon them

Farewell comrades, care for yourself and those around you


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